Our services evolve from one requirement: efficiently keeping your buildings maintained and safe on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s fixing a broken door knob, managing 5,000 retail locations or responding to a hurricane, our mission is to keep your buildings and your business running smoothly. We do this by teaming with you to develop a business process that defines your needs, articulates clear expectations and provides written assurance your objectives will be met.

Repairs + Maintenance

Our experience allows us to coordinate any type of trade work: electrical, plumbing, heating, black topping, painting and more. We offer repair services, preventative maintenance and any special request that may be unique to your business. Let us take care of all of the day-to-day nuts and bolts of running your buildings.

Capital Projects

In addition to providing the field services needed for your daily operations, we can oversee and manage your facility’s work. We provide management personnel equipped to make informed decisions about how to run your complete operation in compliance to your objectives.

Emergency Services

Is your business prepared for unexpected emergencies such as fires, floods or hurricanes? Do you have a plan in place to deal with these business interruptions? Coping with any kind of property loss can be devastating. It is an experience that affects businesses on both a material and financial level with the loss of property as well as the loss of your income stream. Our team brings an extensive network of resources to the rescue when you suffer property damage at your business. Regardless of the cause or extent of damage, one call sets in motion our response team, suppliers and equipment at any location in the country. We stand ready 24/7 to aid our clients.

Special Services

From time to time, special projects-planned or unplanned-demand extra attention. It could be replacing defective hardware on all your doors or replacing all your old carpet. Your project may involve a single location or it may include 200 locations. Whatever the size of the job, we assist in the management of the entire process by planning and budgeting to ensure its timely and cost-effective completion.

Dormant Buildings

Closing facilities and not sure how to manage them? It’s one of our specialties. We’ll transition suppliers, operating schedules and budgets to align them to a “Dormant Building” status. This means we work with you to establish minimum operating guidelines that meet your objectives and preserve your asset in preparation for sale or it’s next phase in the life cycle.